Scope of Need


50,000 people displaced


14,000 homes destroyed


2,970 homeowners with no insurance


63% of survivors with some insurance, but not enough funds to rebuild


1,621 survivors are low- income


641 families in temporary housing at 18 mobile and FEMA trailer parks


6,000 survivors are at risk of becoming homeless

Source: Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Rebuilding Economics


Scale of need

There were 14,000 homes destroyed in the Camp Fire.

Average price

The average home price has increased 20% from pre-fire to $389K.

Costs to build

The cost to build has increased 50% from pre-fire to $280/sq. ft. The increase is due to design standards, impact fees, utilities, and environmental regulations.


The Camp Fire sustained $8.5Bn in losses. Some insurers are imposing rate hikes, declining coverage, or not renewing existing policies.
Source: Bill Webb Homes (Sept. 2019), The Sacramento Bee July 18, 2019, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Dec. 9, 2018